he Mauritius Online Trading Portal #investorseurope @offshorebroker

Investors Europe offers investors a wide range of online trading platforms to trade from a single nominee trading account. The choice of trading platform will depend on a client’s investor profile, and his knowledge of trading and markets he covers and in which he wishes to invest. Here are a few of our more popular trading platforms:

Rock Trader Pro

Rock Trader, our most popular online trading platform – enabling clients to trade a wide range of financial markets: stocks, contracts for difference, options, futures, currencies …

J Trader and CQG Trader

J Trader and CQG Trader, platforms designed for options and futures trading.

Atlas Trader

for futures, options, US Funds, global stocks, the Indian stock market (Indian Residents only) and then some…

Arctic Trader

US Options

Kestrel Trader

for Asia (in process of being launched)