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Investors Europe

  • Investors Europe (Mauritius) Limited is privately owned by Bertrand Boulle, a British Subject who was born in Mauritius and returned in 2013 to extend Investors Europe’s activities to Asia via Mauritius.
  • Bertrand Boulle is the founder of the Investors Europe Stock Broker Group in Gibraltar in 2001.
  • No other institution directly or indirectly owned by any government is a shareholder of the firm.
  • Investors Europe is regulated by the Financial Services Commission of Mauritius
  • Mauritius is regarded by the World Bank and the IMF as being an ‘economic miracle’ and probably the best regulated jurisdiction in the developing world.
  • Mauritius is in World Bank’s Top 20 World Rankings (ahead of Germany) on ease of doing business.
  • Investors Europe is an execution-only stockbroker and does not manage client nor company funds.
  • Investors Europe’s capital is never exposed to the vagaries of the market because it never trades for itself.
  • There can never be a conflict of interest between Investors Europe’s activities and those of its clients.
  • Investors Europe is heavily focused on providing service to its clients.
  • Investors Europe segregates and margins all client trading accounts on an individual basis.
  • No capital gains tax is levied in Mauritius on any person or entity which is not resident in Mauritius.
  • Investors Europe provides over 30 online trading platforms for trading ready realisable instruments.


Mauritius is almost certainly one of the most successful countries, post independence, in mainland Africa. A former British colony, its economic performance has been praised by the IMF/ World Bank. Its Real GDP growth between 1970 and 2010 has averaged more than 5 percent per annum and GDP per capita growth during the same period, has increased more than tenfold from less than $500 to more than $6,000. More information on its fiscal and other advantages offered by Mauritius are set out here.

Client Protection

The Investors Europe Stock Broker Group was set up in 2001 in Gibraltar. In 2013, Investors Europe set up operations in Mauritius and is one of the largest independently owned execution-only offshore stock brokers.

Investors Europe Mauritius’ investment in and commitment to client protection has no equal because in addition to being a lowest risk execution-only broker, it voluntarily invests in an additional Professional Liability Insurance and fraud insurance with AIG as an extra safeguard. The firm boasts the largest selection of independent online trading platforms allied to Nominee Trading Accounts. When all these client protections are allied to the company’s Nominee Trading Accounts, it is a Win Win for clients as their privacy is enhanced.

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