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Our partnership solutions to Introducing Brokers and Introducing Agents consists of two segments:
1. Money Managers and Asset Managers trading on behalf of their clients.
2. Institutional Stock Brokers with their own self-trading clients.
We have developed tailor-made solutions to serve these two segments very successfully indeed. World-class multi-product platforms, flexible account structure, easy-to-manage trading set-up, dedicated front and back-office service and marketing support for your site are just a few elements we offer to your self-trading clients.

Key partner benefits include:

  • Attractive revenue sharing plan.
  • Tap into new market. Increase your product line. Expand your existing client base.
  • One account – multi-product platform (Stocks, ETFs, Futures, CFDs, Options, Currencies, precious metals, Energy).
  • Aggregated Currencies liquidity from Tier-1 banks and access to all major exchanges across the globe.
  • Back office administrative services with real-time risk management and comprehensive reporting.
  • Easy-to-integrate, resilient and proven IT infrastructure.
  • 1:1 marketing support and consulting, marketing workshops, and webinars.
  • Customized white label and private label programs for Stocks, ETFs, Futures, CFDs, Options but also for currency based products.
  • Dedicated account management and sales tracking.

Getting You Into Business

Depending on the multi-asset platform chosen these are normally fully integrated to provide front and back-office infrastructure, real-time risk management, client-base development tools, as well as dedicated partner services and go-to-market strategies to help our partners effectively enter, grow and optimize their business. White and Private Label services are presented under your own brand name.
Our flexible revenue plan lets you develop a tailor-made commission strategy together with us. You earn profit every time clients you introduce trade with Investors Europe, and with every trade they execute.

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