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RockTrader+ “Pro” is probably one of our most popular online trading platforms, enabling investors to trade more than 30.000 products including Stocks, ETFs, CFDs, Options, Futures and Currencies on a really extensive range of financial markets : 

Rock Trader is a lot more than a State-Of-The-Art online trading platform because it offers the latest market data as well as the most liquid financial markets. Rock Trader Pro gives trading access with a simple click.

Rock Trader is a leading online trading platform in terms of simplicity of use, rapidity of execution and liquidity and provides the following advantages :

  • Over 160+ Currency crosses on spreads as low as 2 pips
  • Currency Options and Forward Outrights
  • Stock, CFD and ETF trading on 20++ of the world’s largest exchanges
  • Bonds – Online trading of 6000 Global Bonds
  • Spot Gold and Silver
  • Well over 300 futures contracts on energies, metals and agricultures
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