Nominee Accounts

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Nominee Trading Accounts

A nominee trading account at investors europe is a private, individually segregated online client trading account for an individual person or for a company, Trust or Fund. This trading account is denominated by a number (e.g."GSB 502") and is controlled by the investor who benefits from exactly the same protection he would get if he traded in his own name, thus protecting his right to financial privacy since his details are never transmitted to third parties, custodians/ end-brokers and other financial institutions Investors Europe might be dealing with, as agent, on his behalf. If the client's assets are held in the UK, they are recognised as belonging to an underlying client of Investors Europe by the UK's Investor Protection Scheme ( even though these are not held in the name of the beneficial owner but designated as client GSB 502.

Investors Europe provides nominee trading accounts to all clients as a norm because client confidentiality is at the core of our activity as regulated stock brokers.