Trade Stocks & Bonds

Trade stocks and shares. Trade stocks online via The Mauritius Trading Portal. Trade with the best online stock broker using our 30+ online trading platforms;  contact us for the  online equity trading solution best suited to your online trading profile and trade on more than 30 different international markets.

Trade Bonds. Trade 5000+ bonds online and 33.000 more via our Sales Traders.Trade US and European corporate bonds; Trade US government securities, US Municipal bonds and non-US Sovereign bonds in Asia, Africa and Europe; Trade fixed income futures and fixed income options.

Trade Futures & Options

Trade futures and Stock Options online.  Investors Europe offers offshore traders and offshore investors direct online execution and personalised online trading services for all major futures exchanges in all global derivative product sectors, including:

  • Interest Rates
  • Equity Indices
  • Stock Options
  • Foreign Currency
  • Energy
  • Agriculture
  • Precious Metals
  • Non-Precious Metals

Depending on your knowledge, the frequency with which you trade and the online trading service you need, Investors Europe provides different bespoke gateways to global online markets via broker assisted trading, direct access trading or online trading via automated trading systems. Call us if you want a specific online trading platform.

Trade CFDs and ETFs

Trade CFDs.  CFDs, or Contracts For Difference, are one of the fastest growing online trading tools for investors. Trade individual shares and stock indices online without putting up the full underlying contract value, and get

  • The ability to go long or short
  • Immediate execution
  • Flexibility – trade CFDs long or short
  • 24 hour market access (depending on underlying asset)
  • No stamp duty nor capital gains tax through your Offshore Broker

As well as trading equity CFDs online you can trade sectors, indices, commodities, treasuries stocks, and a range of futures – the product list currently list over 2800 tradable instruments.

Trade ETFs. Trade Thousands of ETFs in North America, Europe and the Asia-Pacific Region.

Trade Funds

Trade Funds. Trade many hundreds of Funds in North America, Europe and the Asia-Pacific region.

Exchange name 
Trading Hours (GMT)
American Stock Exchange (AMEX) *
14:30 – 21:00
Euronext Amsterdam (AMS)
08:00 – 16:35
Australian Stock Exchange Ltd. (ASX)
23:00 – 05:10
Athens Stock Exchange (AT)
08:30 – 14:40
Euronext Brussels (BRU)
08:00 – 16:35
OMX Copenhagen (CSE)
08:00 – 16:00
Frankfurt /Xetra Stock Exchange (FSE)
08:00 – 16:35
OMX Helsinki (HSE)
08:00 – 16:30
Euronext Lisbon (LISB)
08:00 – 16:35
London Stock Exchange (LSE)
08:00 – 16:30
Milano Stock Exchange (MIL)
08:05 – 16:31
NASDAQ Global Markets (NASDAQ NM)
14:30 – 21:00
NASDAQ Capital Market (NASDAQ SC)
14:30 – 21:00
New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)
14:30 – 21:00
Oslo Stock Exchange (OSE)
08:00 – 15:20
Euronext Paris (PAR)
08:00 – 16:35
Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited (SGX-ST)
01:00 – 09:06
Sistema De Interconexion Bursatil Espanol (SIBE)
08:00 – 16:35
OMX Stockholm (SSE)
08:00 – 16:30
Swiss Exchange (SWX)
08:00 – 16:30
Virt-X (VX)
08:00 – 16:30
Warsaw Stock Exchange (WSE)
09.30 – 16.10
Wiener Börse (Vienna) Stock Exchange (VIE)
09.00 – 17:30
Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX)
14:30 – 21.00
Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKEx)
02:00 – 08:00
And Many Others including the National Stock Exchange of India (NSE)

Trade in Privacy

Trade in Privacy. You can trade world markets online through Investors Europe in three ways:

  • By opening a company through Investors Europe in a turnkey trading operation. We are specialist stockbrokers at offering dealing services to companies from hundreds of jurisdictions and we will put you in  touch with tried and trusted Company Managers who will set up your Company for you.
  • By opening a Fund through investoreurope in a turnkey trading operation. Investors Europe will put you in  touch with tried and trusted professionals who will set up your Fund for you to trade using your nominee online trading account.
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