Bertrand Boulle MBA, Founder and Managing Director of the Investors Europe Group

Welcome to Investors Europe!

As Founder and Managing Director of Investors Europe, it is my pleasure to invite you to trade the World from the Rock of Mauritius, the famous, UNESCO World Heritage Morne Brabant. The Rock of Mauritius (like the Rock of Gibraltar) is a symbol of what my Team has to offer you : Solidity, Integrity and a personalised approach to each and every investor within the unique infrastructure of our nominee online trading platforms which maintain your right to trading privacy.

Mauritius and Investors Europe offers you some Key Strategic Advantages :

  • Investors Europe is Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Services Commission of Mauritius
  • Mauritius is regarded by the World Bank as being one of the best regulated jurisdictions:- 2015 World Bank Doing business efficiency Mauritius
  • Mauritius is in the World Bank’s Top 20 Rankings (ahead of Germany) on the ease of doing business.
  • Mauritius has high growth prospects, as a financial centre, due to nearby offshore gas discoveries, and has grown an average of 5% p.a. for forty years to 2014!
  • Mauritius does not levy any sort of Capital Gains or other Tax on any person or entity, not resident in Mauritius.
  • Investors Europe is an execution-only stockbroker and does not manage client nor company funds.
  • Investors Europe’s capital is therefore never exposed to the vagaries of the market because it never trades for itself, nor does it manage client portfolios.
  • Investors Europe can never have a conflict of interest with its clients, in keeping with the specific manner it has been set up and is run.
  • Investors Europe is heavily focused on providing service to its clients.
  • Investors Europe segregates and margins all client trading accounts on an individual basis.
  • Investors Europe denominates all trading accounts as a ‘Client’ accounts within its back office, so that there can never be a doubt that it is a client account.
  • Investors Europe voluntarily subscribes, as additional client protection, to a Global Professional Indemnity and Fraud Insurance with AIG.
  • Investors Europe offers the widest choice of online trading platforms for ready realisable instruments.

The world has really changed. Our growth as a company is testimony to that fact. Client expectations since the financial crisis attribute added value to an honest broker with absolutely no possibility of having a conflict of interest.

This is exactly where we come in.

We offer more alternatives and a greater choice of online trading platforms than any other stock broker in the world.

We are pure executing brokers, have no portfolio, do not run any positions and individually margin our clients.

We segregate all our client nominee trading accounts and clients have 24 hour online access to their portfolio.

We offer trading privacy and best execution, in line with the EU’s MiFID, which is our benchmark.

You will benefit from the experience of professional brokers who already have a long and profitable relationship with many large European dealers and you can place orders over the phone, by Skype or by email and you will not be charged for this service.

Yours faithfully,

Marie-Pierre Bertrand Boulle, MBA
Managing Director

Investors Europe (Mauritius) Limited
3rd Floor Ebene House,
Hotel Avenue,
33 Cybercity,
Ebene 72201
Republic of Mauritius

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