Mauritius Sunset Vision, Courtesy @digitalnapoleon

Mauritius Sunset Vision, Courtesy @digitalnapoleon

Our Vision

Whether you are new to the financial markets or are an old hand in the business, Investors Europe the Stockbroker will be available for you, from the opening of the European until the close of the U.S. Markets.

If you are a newcomer to futures trading, Investors Europe will help you to place orders. Our team of multilingual specialists (currently English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Swahili, Hungarian, Chinese, Korea) can also help and keep you updated about news moving the financial markets. Subject to certain security arrangements, your instructions can be executed over the phone, by Skype or by email through our Front Office or online through your own nominee trading account.

If you are an experienced trader and like to speak with a broker to place your orders we can structure a bespoke service for you. From executing the most complicated online trading strategies to providing market commentary, we are there for you, proactively focused on your online trading needs. If you are an asset manager and want a direct and confidential line to give us orders, we can set that up very quickly for you.

Investors Europe’s brokers work in constant cooperation with each other to ensure each instruction is executed swiftly and accurately. As a further commitment to safeguarding clients’ interests, Investors Europe does not engage in proprietary trading, has no portfolio and does not manage assets. You can therefore rest 100% assured that your instructions will receive our total and undivided attention because that is what we do best – provide service without the possibility of there being any conflict.

The world has really changed. International traders now expect a good choice  of trading platforms as well as a wide selection of execution venues tailored to their specific investment needs. They refuse to be tied to one quirky online execution platform, even if it has been made by the biggest bank in Europe.

 This is precisely where we come in…

 Our Commitment to Clients

  • Gain Access to the world’s widest choice of online trading platforms.
  • Gain Access  to global reach in terms of world financial markets and by way of choice of financial products.
  • Gain Access to privacy through your nominee account.
  • Gain Access  to zero stamp duty, zero VAT and zero capital gains tax so long as you are not resident in Mauritius..
  • Gain Access to best pricing for execution, clearing, settlement based on your specific trading profile.
  • Gain Access to institutional seamless trading, so that your back office is tailored to your corporate needs and/or to your end client preferences.
  • Gain Access to pure execution into the Markets. Unlike the vast majority of stock brokers and bank-owned stock brokers, the company (i) takes no positions (ii) is a pure execution-only broker and (iii) does no proprietary trading. This means (a) Clean Execution (b) No Conflicts (c) Total focus on providing service.
  • Gain Access to greater protection: Investors Europe offers more protection to clients in using the EU’s MiFID as its operational benchmark and by segregating client trading accounts and margining accounts on an individual basis.
  • Gain Access to the extra protection of a Global Corporate Professional Indemnity Insurance from AIG.
  • Gain Access to the extra protection of a Global Corporate Fraud Insurance from AIG.

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