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Investors Europe is a regulated stock broker that uses online trading portals as venues from which to provide execution-only services to institutions, professional traders and High Net Worth investors. Investors Europe was founded in 2001 in the EU by Bertrand Boulle and was the first regulated institution to pioneer online trading portals for the distribution of online trading platforms to investors. Investors Europe in Mauritius was Licensed by the Financial Services Commission in January 2013.

The economic history of Mauritius since independence from Britain is one of unqualified success as defined by the World Bank and the IMF. Mauritius’s economic performance has been called “the Mauritian Miracle” and the “success of Africa” (Romer, 1992; Frankel, 2010; Stiglitz, 2011). It is almost certainly one of the most consistently successful economies within the developing world, post independence. Its dynamic, multiethnic population (1.4 Million) together with Common Law have without doubt been the two more important pillars underpinning its success. In 2016, Mauritius was by far the most developed country in Africa under the UN’s E-Government Development Index (EGDI), way ahead of South Africa. It has averaged 5% economic growth per annum over the forty years to 2014. Quite some record for any country!

By design, Investors Europe Mauritius is an execution-only stockbroker so that it can never have a conflict of interest with clients. It thereby offers the very highest levels of client protection possible because, in addition, it holds MiFID designated client portfolios in segregated, individually margined trading accounts in the UK rather than in the euro area. The Board of Directors of Investors Europe believes that the UK offers the highest levels of overall protection to underlying clients under the UK’s Investor Protection Scheme than would be the case with euro area countries, post Cyprus. When this advantage is allied to  nominee trading accounts, it is a winner for our clients.

Simply put, the firm believes that its operating model is a regulatory benchmark for the protection of clients because it is the safest, lowest risk institutional company allied to the highest client protection possible.


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